The Rise Teams feature allows you to assign a team to each of your users and generate new team sub-leaderboards.

These could be either or both of:

  • a leaderboard of ranks and scores for users within teams. 
  • a leaderboard where it is the teams who are scored against each other.

 As an example of how this works, suppose you are tracking swimming times of your friends. You can create teams defined by their ages and then be able to see ranks for under 20, 20-50 and over 50s.  So, a user who is mid-table for the whole group may get a chance to shine in their age group, this has been shown to be more motivating, especially for middle ranked users.

 You could also show the aggregate team v team view of under 20s versus 20-50s versus 50s and see which age group was performing best. The benefit of this approach is that everyone is contributing towards the score of the team, thus rewarding internal collaboration within each team, whilst still providing a competitive feel as teams try to outdo each other.

How to set up Teams on Rise

To set up teams on your scorecard, once you're in the admin dashboard of your scorecard, navigate to Scorecard Settings -> Teams and start by creating a Division by clicking on the Add Division button. Most scorecards will only have one division and multiple teams within that division. However, of course, you are able to create multiple divisions too.

If you think that for a particular division, you will allocate a user to more than one team from that division, then, when setting up a Division, tick the checkbox that says "Users can be in multiple Teams". You can also allow users to select their own team by checking the "Users can update their own Teams" checkbox.

Next, go ahead and set up Some teams for your Divisions by going back to Scorecard Settings -> Teams and clicking on the Add Teams button. Note that you have options on who from your scorecard's audience will be able to see the team leaderboards by choosing the appropriate setting in the Privacy dropdown box.

Then headover to Scorecard Settings -> Bulletins, and make the appropriate choices for the checkboxes "Generate Team Leaderboards" and "Generate Division Leaderboard(s)"

How to allocate users to Teams

To allocate your users to particular Teams, you have 2 choices:

1. When you are first setting up teams, the most efficient way will be to use the "Bulk Edit Teams", which you will find in the "Users" tab

You will get a choice to allocate each user on your scorecard to particular teams in each Division.

2. If you want to allocate a team to just a few particular users, you can find the particular users (one by one), access the user's edit profile page by clicking on the pen icon against their listing and then edit/add their team designations in the appropriate section on their profile page.


UCISA recently gamified their conference where all delegates were placed into teams. Depending on how players within each team tweeted and completed other actions, the team scored points.

Here's the final leaderboard below, showing the Team vs Team leaderboard (Division Leaderboard):
You can drill down to see how DigCapC, the winning team, did over time:
As well as drilling into the DigCapC team to see how individual users within the team performed:

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