Player Source determines how you will populate your scorebook with players.

You can source players in the following ways:

  • Manual Entry - you add the players one by one [default].
  • Twitter List - the twitter list is the primary source of players, whenever a player is added to the twitter list and the twitter list is polled by Rise it will add the player to your scorebook
  • Google Sheet - each time the google sheet is polled any new players will be added to your player list.
  • Rise Scorebook - you can use another scorebook to provide your list of players.
Your player source needs a unique player identifier. This is the unique key by which players will be identified.

Supported player identifiers are:
  • E-mail Address
  • Twitter Username
  • URL
  • Name (must be unique - so you can't have two John Smith's for example)
Name is a special case as this allows you to enter just the names of players and create a leaderboard. The players are registered under the scorebook owner's account and may only be updated by the scorebook owner.

Once you have defined a player source for your scorebook you should not change it.