To embed your leaderboard on Wordpress install our Wordpress plugin and use a Wordpress shortcode on your page.

[leaderboarded slug="gurus" cut="20" theme="stripes"][/leaderboarded]

In addition to embedding the scorecard within a Post or Page using the embed iframe/javascript shortcode, it is also possible to show the scorecard within a Wordpress widget.

Add a Text widget add the following code to shrink the standard leaderboard to size:
.lb-hidden-xxs, .lb-metric-1, .pagination, .lb-metric-2,.lb-metric-3, .lb-previous-rank {display:none}
.lb-leaderboard-rank-row h3 {font-size: 14px !important}
.lb-leaderboard-player-row {padding-top:18px !important;}
.lb-leaderboard-player-row img {width:20px !important; height:20px !important; margin-right:3px !important; float: left}
.lb-leaderboard-rank-row-th {font-size:0px !important}
.lb-leaderboard-rank-row {min-width:0px !important} .lb-leaderboard-rank-row H3 small I {line-height:0px; font-size:12px}
.lb-leaderboard-rank-change {margin-top:1px !important}
.lb-total-score {display:block !important; font-size:14px !important; max-width:40px !important}
.lb-leaderboard-player-row strong A, .lb-leaderboard-player-row A {font-size:14px !important}
.lb-container-fluid {padding-left:0px !important; padding-right:0px !important}
.lb-leaderboard-meta, .lb-leaderboard-meta div, .lb-leaderboard-meta div strong, .lb-leaderboard-meta div a {font-size:10px !important;}
Then add your shortcode below:
[leaderboarded slug="gurus" cut="20" theme="stripes"][/leaderboarded]
Here's an example:

This displays on the site as follows:

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