Each theme allows you to add CSS and Javascript. This allows developers to tweak your chosen rise theme as it is displayed on the web, embed and TV.

Examples of customisation CSS code you can use are below:

Remove the Share Buttons

.share-section-list-share {display: none !important;}

Remove  the Publisher Name

.lb-publisher {display:none;}

Remove the Bulletin Name

.lb-release-name {display:none;}

Remove the Score Period Time

.lb-score-period {display:none;}

Remove the Published Time

.lb-release-time {display:none;}

Highlight the Total Score for each player

.player-total-score SPAN {

    background:#ffe65d !important;




    text-align:center !important;


Add a background image to the tabular theme

    body {

      background: url(IMAGE_URL_GOES_HERE);

      background-size: 100%;}

    .container-main {

      background: #ffffff;}

    .extra-padding {

      padding-right: 30px;

      padding-left: 30px;}

    .table-striped>tbody>tr:nth-child(even)>td, .table-striped>tbody>tr:nth-child(even)>th, .table-striped>thead>tr>th, .table-striped>thead>tr>td {

      background-color: #FFF;}