In this example we will imagine a scenario where you are using Wufoo and Rise at an Exhibition stand, you have a fun game or competition for visitors to play and perhaps a small prize for the "winners".

Let's imagine that we have a competition for visitors to cycle 1 km on an exercise bike and time themselves. Fastest time determines winning.

There are many ways we can capture each visitor's cycle time but in order to allow the visitor to enter their own time, we will use a simple digital form to capture the visitor's details and scores. Another benefit of this approach is that it will allow you to capture other details of the visitor e.g. email.

Here are the steps to take in using and WuFoo to create your leaderboard:
  • Create a WuFoo account and choose a paid plan. WuFoo is an online web form platform. Note that Rise uses WuFoo's webhook functionality which is currently a paid feature on Wufoo.
  • Create a new form on WuFoo.  Here's one we created

  • Next, make the WuFoo form your data source for your Rise ScoreBook that will allow you to display a leaderboard on a TV, showing a ranked list of all players on a leaderboard.
  • Once you're logged into your account, go to New ScoreBook and click on the Blank Board Create ScoreBook link and give your Rise ScoreBook a name e.g. Acme Cycling Competition
  • Next, for your Player Source, select WuFoo.  For Connector, WuFoo Entry. Then complete all the remaining configuration settings using the help text (question mark in black circle) to guide you.
  • You will now have set up your player  source for your leaderboard
  • Now, enter in some test data for score entries in your WuFoo form e.g.
  • In your Rise scorebook, you will now see these players in your player list

  • In Data Entries, if you click on Entry, you will see the score entries for each of these players

  • Next, set up your score algorithm correctly.  Go to Score Algorithm, highlight Entry and click on Edit Metric.  Then change the name of the metric to something more descriptive e.g. Cycling Time, make the score method "Lowest score in Period" so that if someone makes more than 1 attempt, their best score will be the one that will determine their rank and finally make Metric Ranking Order Lowest Score is the Best Score.  Also in Visibility settings, choose Hide.
  • Next, edit the Total Score metric - this will be the metric that will be shown on the leaderboard.  Change the name again to something better e.g. Fastest Cycling Time, change the method to Lowest Score is the Best Score.
  • Next, set up your bulletin settings and create your 1st bulletin. You can configure your bulletin settings so that every new data entry into your WuFoo form will automatically generate a bulletin and therefore your leaderboard will update instantly.

  • All you now have to do is to share the results of the bulletin.  You have a choice of displaying the results on a web page, on a TV display (as shown above).  Go to Share.