Watch this video which explains how our Google Sheets integration works, and then follow the instructions below.

If you are going to use a Google Docs spreadsheet as your player and score data source, you will need to connect/authenticate your Google account to your Rise profile.

You will find the option to use Google Docs via the main admin Menu bar, by navigating to Scorebook Settings -> Players -> Player Collector

For Platform, choose Google Docs

When setting up your Google Docs spreadsheet as a player source and data connector (for exporting your data into Rise), you need to follow the following rules:

1. Make the google sheet have the simple default formatting of a new sheet.  If you've applied any formatting to your sheet, remove this.

2. The top row (A) must include headings e.g. First Name, Last Name, Email (or Twitter Handle), Metric1, Metric 2, etc

3. The second row (B) must be the first player, followed by the second player in row C and so on.

4. The column for unique player identifier must be 100% completed for all players. i.e. if the unique player identifier for the board is email address then every row must at least have an email address.

Gotchas to watch out for

Once you have set up a connection with a Google spreadsheet you may not change the headings or add new ones.  If you do want to add a new column then you need to disconnect the Google spreadsheet as the player source by switching to Manual Entry, save, and then reconnect the Google spreadsheet and re-assign the fields.


Example Google Spreadsheet