For manual collected metrics, you can allow your players to submit scores themselves.  The screenshots below explain how you enable this:

1. First create a new manual metric.

2. Once the metric exists, navigate to the score algorithm page of your scorebook.  You will find this under the "scorebook settings" page.

3. Then click on "Edit Metric" for the metric that you wish your players to submit their own scores for

4.  Navigate to the bottom of the "Edit Metric" page and click on the link to the underlying data collector, in this case it's a link to "Manual Metric Store"

5.  Change the setting for "Allow players to enter their own score" to Yes

6.  Ask your players to visit your scorebook (by giving them the scorebook url link) and ask them to login  to Rise - let them know that they will already have a profile (account) since you will have added them as users onto your scorebook.  If they haven't already logged in previously, and if your user identifier is email, then ask them to use the "Forgot your password?" link to access their profile using their email.

7. Once they're logged in and have clicked on your scorebook, they can enter their own scores:

a. If your leaderboard theme is "Chrome", then by accessing the "Submit a Score" link under the "My Scorecard" tab

b. If your leaderboard theme is "Tabular", then the link is availabe on the page as shown below

The "Submit a score" page will look like this (in the chrome theme):