You can either add data entries for multiple players with one metric at a time or add data entries for a single player with all metrics at a time.

Adding score entries for multiple players in one go - one metric at a time

Once in your admin dashboard for your scorebook, go to either:

  1. Players  -> add data entries.  You will get a list of your players.  Choose the metric for which you want to add data entries, and then enter in the data entries for whichever of your players you wish to.  The number of players that will show up on this page will depend on how many players were visible when you were at the Players page.  If you want your list to include all your players, go to the bottom of the page and click on the greatest number of players to be shown on that page.
  2. Data entries -> add data entries.  You will get a list of 500 of your users.

The data entries will be given a time stamp of the current time unless you change this by giving a specific time stamp by accessing the Advanced Settings at the bottom of the Data Entry page:

Adding data entries for a single player, multiple metrics in one go

Find the player you wish to enter score entries for in the Players page by searching for the player.