This is the Rise Cancellation Policy

Last updated: 14/April/2021

If you have made a purchase from our website, and wish to cancel your subscription, please follow the steps outlined here. If you have purchased your product or subscription via one of our approved service partners, please contact your service partner for cancellation.

After completing the procedure below, your license to use the software and/or access the necessary on-line servers or license managers will be cancelled. Note that in the event of cancellation, all player, score and bulletin data will be liable for deletion after a 14 day cooling off period.



To cancel your service visit the subscriptions page for your scorebook and click on the Cancel button.

The minimum subscription length is 1 month. Cancellations are not prorated.

You may also  cancel your subscription by sending an email, requesting a cancellation, to so that it is received prior to your subscription renewal date. You will need to include your contact information and details of the scorebook whose subscription you wish to cancel. Our Customer Service Department will contact you, via email, with confirmation of your cancellation.


Refund policy

We do not provide refunds or partial refunds on subscriptions once they have been paid. If there have been problems with the service, then our customer support team may, at our discretion, issue a credit to your account to allow you to use the subscription at a later date on a different scorebook.