A ScoreBook Bulletin is a permanent snapshot of your scorebook at a specific point in time based on Score Entries over a specific time period.

Each bulletin takes into account:

  • a score period (the time period during which scores count. e.g. the previous week's activity)

  • ScoreBook Bulletin time (the exact time at which the snapshot is made)

  • all included players (players who have opted out or have been excluded are not in the release, however previous players even if they have not scored during this score period are included though their scores will be zero)

  • all data entries for each metric for your players stored during the score period

  • the score algorithm - what are the rules to apply to the data entries to create the single consolidated score which determines the rank of a player on the leaderboard view of the ScoreBook

Once a bulletin has been created it is immutable - it cannot be tweaked or messed with (although it can be deleted entirely). The best analogy is to think of a bulletin as "going to press" - you've printed out all the scores.

A bulletin can be kept in draft until you are ready to finalise and publish to your players and the web.