If you deactivate your Rise profile we deactivate it by making the following changes:

  • Delete any scorebooks you own
  • Remove you from any scorebooks you are administering
  • Unsubscribe you from all scorebooks you are following
  • Opt you out of any scorebooks you are currently playing in
  • Set your profile status to "closed"
  • Remove your profile from visibility on the web

When your account is deactivated we retain a 'ghost' account for you which stops you being automatically added to any future scorebooks.  That means that if someone tries to add you to a scorebook via any of your account identifiers that we hold for you (e.g. Email address, Twitter handle), they will be prevented from adding you.

Note that deactivating your account does not remove you from the history of any previous bulletins you were included in. This is because Rise is a data news service - previous bulletins are treated like past publications. This maintains the integrity of each bulletin. 

Further information on how we protect your identity and data online is available in our Privacy Policy

After considering what deactivation means, you may find it easier to delete the scorebooks you manage, or opt-out of scorebooks you are currently participating in.

To deactivate your profile please login to your Rise account and then follow these steps.

Go to your "Edit Profile" page
Scroll down to the bottom of this page and click on Deactivate account

Please note that de-activating your account will lead to deletion of data that is irreversible. However, if you login again, your account will be re-activated, but without all your previous data.